This semester I am taking Materials for Youth.  I am loving delving into all these wonderful books and learning ways to critically look at literature aimed at children.

Book talks.


Book talks.

I am a theatre person.  By that, I mean that I generally am involved in some sort of theatrical production.  Mostly, I am a costumer for local community theatres, or high school drama programs.  But I have also worked with props, as a stage hand, as a wardrobe mistress, set builds, etc.  Note that actress was not on that list.  I can talk to kids and people all day long, but put me on a stage, or put a camera or microphone in front of me and I have the biggest case of stage fright you will ever see.

I cannot explain it.  It has actually gotten worse as I have gotten older.

I am trying very hard to work on this.

Ran across this blog and I really like this.  To be honest, if I were in a costume I could probably get rid of some of my unease and discomfort.