I wasn’t quite sure at the first of this class about what I was supposed to “do” with my Essential Question.  Now I find that I look at almost everything in this manner – even if it isn’t library or work related.  My question basically is can technology and traditional learning be balanced? 

At first I went into looking at so many of these tools with an almost withered eye.  Too often, I have seen technology improperly used.  Educators or students use it basically just to showcase something “shiny” not really to complement or enhance the knowledge they are trying to convey.  However, after becoming familiar with more media products, I am excited about being able to use them with library patrons – which in my particular case are teachers and middle school students. 

My learning project is an attempt to offer help to teachers to use various digital storytelling formats for their students.  So many incredible programs are available that actually  can enhance and, I believe, make educators lives easier when introducing storytelling and working on language skills – both ELA and ESL.  I have put together small learning plans before, but only for my own students on a very small scale. 

Making sure that the information is relevant to the audience I am intending is rather daunting. Classroom teachers know what will work for them and how they want to retrieve information. Am I giving too much information and as a result losing their interest because they will see it as condescending? Or am I not giving enough information because I “know” the subject and don’t want to insult them by assuming they will understand certain steps?

This project has made be very aware that I need to speak more with teachers and my patrons to find more about their specific needs. This presentation was created with a few conversations with some teachers but I think it definitely warrants more in depth analysis of what my goal should be and how I should approach teachers with their concerns for content.