For a curation tool – it really was more for me than for the teachers.  I am avid with using Pinterest and over the course of the past year or so, I have expanded my boards to use them in a professional manner.  I created a Storytelling board in order to decide with applications I would want to share with teachers.  To be honest, even though we discussed in brief detail, a few storytelling applications, there are literally hundreds out there.  I wanted to get a feeling of some more options.  There are some really great ones that I would love to learn more about – making your own graphic novels, for example.  Then there are some very rudimentary ones that are geared more towards preschool and lower elementary, that while decent, do not fit my target audience.  I chose just four, the three we looked at in class and then a fourth.  Each is quite different but that allows teachers to see what the capabilities of their students are and how they want to approach their subject matter.

For the flipped classroom aspect, each of the different types of storytelling is shared with brief description and a set of pros and cons and then a tutorial so that the teachers can see how to use it and whether or not that application would be useful to them.  The idea is that the teachers will familiarize themselves with a particular tool and practice it to see if that would work for their particular lesson and with that particular set of students.  I chose to do a Prezi, because I liked the format and the flow.  But I forgot about what I had found out earlier on in the semester, that Prezi changed up some of their publishing format and it no longer easily embeds in WordPress.  There are “fixes” to it – but they are very difficult and complex unless you are familiar with HTML coding.  So, it will not embed here in the blog – but I will provide a link to the Prezi and if it is copy and pasted, it should show up and display.

At the beginning of the presentation I have stated a few goals, and at the end of the presentation, I have included a small checklist that restates some of the goals and focuses what the purpose of the learning project should be.