Poetry Month

We are always trying engage our students to try something new. I am a huge fan of poetry and saw something similar to this on Pinterest (YAY FOR CURATION PRODUCTS!!!) I spent few months trolling eBay, looking for a vending machine that wouldn’t break my budget. Lo and behold I got a notice that I “won” an auction a few weeks ago and the machine was delivered to me while our school was on spring break. I cleaned it up and filled all the capsules with poems. The poems I chose range from “Jabberwocky” by Lewis Carroll, some Emily Dickinson, some Shel Silverstein, various Haikus and Limericks. I received permission from our principal to leave it engaged to collect money. A quarter isn’t a huge amount and it could help as a soft fundraiser for our library. After April is over, we have discussed changing it out to jokes or fortunes. just trying to keep it fun for the kids and expose them to some poetry.