Currently, the YA world is abuzz around the book and movie, Divergent by Veronica Roth.  At our middle school we bought three full sets of the three volume series.  Every single one of the 9 books is out and the waiting list is up to 15 people.  So many books are being made into movies, hoping to mimic the success of such blockbusters as the Harry Potter and Hunger games series, that it seems only natural to do cross promotion.  While of course, we want kids to read, I am finding that a lot of the kids go see the movies and are so taken with the story that they THEN want to check out the movie.  If we can generate excitement by placing a QR code that connects to a movie trailer or an official website about the book and the author, it can help keep the momentum going while they are waiting their turn for the book.  

I will have to admit, that when I first started working at this middle school there were QR codes EVERYWHERE. The former librarian apparently thought this was a great thing to do.  The problems I saw with her application was that they were massive QR codes, so they visually cluttered the library, but more importantly, students at our school are NOT allowed to use their phones during the day – and a lot of them don’t have phones anyway.  Our county went to a BYOD policy last year,but it is very slow in taking off.  Most students are not really encouraged yet to bring their own device, at least at the middle school level, as an educational tool. If they have them, they are using them as glorified e-Readers.

Our principal is using QR codes with her email correspondence both with faculty and staff and also with parents. At the end of each email she embeds a QR code that will take you automatically to our school website. I think that is a great idea – again, if you have the technology. While more and more people are moving to smart phone technology, it isn’t universal yet.