Initially, my learning project was going to be teaching students directly.  After some reflection, I realize that may or may not be something I would actually do.  While of course I deal with students on a daily basis, I think using the media products of digital storytelling should actually be more meaningful as a seminar given to teachers, who then can decide which one would best suit their students.

Too often, too much information is given to students, particularly at the middle school and younger level and they and the teacher  end up frustrated because while the teacher wants a specific end product, the student might be overwhelmed with all the steps that are needed.

I propose introducing the teachers to a curation device, so that they can collect a finite amount of topics/subjects for each step that the students can then choose from.  (for example,  theme, storytype, characters, etc)  This would allow students to be creative without stunning them with too many possibilities.

Then I will use a presentation device, such as Prezi or Powerpoint to showcase different types of digital storytelling products. This will be followed up with a screencast showing how to utilize one of the products.

Since, the teachers will be the ones actually teaching the tool, to meet their particular needs, I feel a checklist to make sure all basic groundwork is covered would be an appropriate measure of evaluation.