We ran into an unforseen problem with our digital story.  In Storybird, when you submit your story, there is a moderation process.  Presumably, this will ensure that content not be crass or plagiarized or some such reason.  When we submitted our story, we chose the “public” option, so that it would be easily accessible particularly for the purposes of this class.  Our story was not allowed to be published.  In the fine print, there are instructions that they only allow ORIGINAL stories to be published – and since we entitled it “The Rabbit and the Elephant” (based on Aesop’s fable, The Ant and the Grasshopper), moderation did not allow it to be published.  It always pays to read the fine print.  This came as quite a surprise to Paige, myself and even Dr. Morris.  

I understand the reasoning behind this, I guess , but am still rather disappointed.  We decided, with Dr. Morris’s approval to paste in some screen shots of our story  


As I stated in my earlier blog post, you can see how beautiful the images truly are.  Around the central picture, which is the cover to our story, you can see all of the “tiles” of images we went through to find pictures that we thought would fit our story.

One of the drawbacks, particularly with collaboration, is that while you can drag the images from side to side and organize them, they don’t stay saved that way when you hand off the turn to your partner.  I know I spent a good hour going through and organizing images and then took a break to come back to it later on.  When I reopened it, the tiles were scattered all over taking all my organization away.


While we did learn of some drawbacks, I am still very impressed with this tool.  It was a lot of fun and I am definitely going to play around with it some more.