I found a bullet point description of the ADDIE model that I really liked.  While the Infographic has the same information, is informative and attractive – I found it troublesome to scroll down to get all the information.    This model has a very blunt table that you can see in one screen.  To be honest, since time is at a premium these days and we are bombarded with so much information in our daily lives, I do find that the simpler the information is initially presented, the the easier it is for me to get the initial data.


I found an article about the ASSURE model that includes a short video.  I find that I am drawn to the ASSURE model quite a bit.  I’ve started thinking about the next large project, and while I’m not tied to it yet, I’ve started thinking of my audience.  Since I work in a middle school, that age group of patrons is where my mind immediately goes.  I have Exceptional Children that come to the library several times a week, so I’ve gotten to know them quite well.  I find myself thinking about the best ways to get information to these students who might have alternative ways of learning things.  I looked at the ASSURE model and found that I was breaking down a potential lesson plan along the lines of this model.  Like I previously stated, I’m not completely tied to this nugget of an idea but want mentioned to two of the teachers today and they were both interested in helping me explore this idea.