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I happen to love flowers. One of my guilty pleasures is to go to the Biltmore Estate and just wander around the grounds looking at all the beautiful plants. It is still touch and go with our weather, but the great thing about the Biltmore is that there is a magnificent greenhouse that is bursting with color and life all year long.

I love to take photos – but I am not the best at it. I am more of a perfunctory photographer that just wants to make sure I captured images of some event. This was actually my third attempt at taking some nice photos. My first one was at a table reading for a play. A table reading is generally the first reading of the play with the actors and the director and stage manager. I wanted to be unobtrusive, so I turned off the flash and was trying to mess with the different settings. Most of the photos ended up blurry or with “tracers” around the people.

My next attempt was at a social gathering with some friends. I wasn’t worrying about the flash this time, but there were a lot of washed out shots and a lot of red eye. A lot of really great things were happening, but my eye – or rather my camera’s reaction wasn’t quick enough.

So, I decided still life was probably more my speed. I was able to play with composition a little more and am pleased with how these shots turned out. It has been awhile since I’ve gone and just wandered the grounds of the estate. I think another visit once spring actually hits will definitely be in order.