Jada and I chose to use Scoopit as out tool to investigate curating. For our project we chose to take a look at YA fiction and how it has gotten powerful enough to be marketed into movies, toys, merchandise and even theme parks. I found Scoopit to be a relatively easy tool to pick up. It does have more advanced features to personalize your Scooped wall a little more. But, for fast curating tool it was pretty easy.


Our paper discussed the advantages, ease and some of the cons regarding Scoopit


We used Jing screencast software to make a very simple introduction to Scoopit.


Upon further ruminating, I wanted to give my opinion on the curation project. I am a list maker. I love the idea of organization that is easily accessible. Saying that, I really enjoyed this entire project. While, I don’t think the actual content of the project was our goal, it was a lot of fun looking through articles and videos that supported what our topic was. Along that line, I also really enjoyed working with my partner. We were very compatible in our ideas and how we wanted to go about completing the assignment. It is so nice to work with someone that is on the same wavelength. I did end up having issues with the screencast – but that was not about the screencast itself and more about the software downloads. I went through 4 downloads before I was able to get one that didn’t put malware on my computer. While the project was completed in time, the unnecessary stress from having to clean my computer up – or rather, having my teenage son show me how to clean my computer up was a bit unnerving. Lessons learned. If all goes perfect, you might not learn how to handle situations if there is a glitch.