I really like lists.  I am constantly in the search for the perfect organization – much to the chagrin of my two children.

I chose to try Listly first. This was interesting.  I actually had some freetime at work an decided to start playing with it.  My computer there is Windows 7 and my computer at home is a Windows 8 with an 8.1 upgrade.  I don’t know if this accounted for the differences I experienced from home and work.  When I started some lists at work the format was similar to Pinterest. If I chose something that had a price attached to it, it automatically displayed the price which I thought was a nice feature to be able to compare.  However, when I got home, my computer did not display the same way.  It was a little more bulky and I had to add much more text on my own.  I want to figure out why the difference.

[listly id=”EfF” layout=”full”]


Addendum – I want to play around with Chrome more – to see how this varies from Firefox. The embed did not work as I had hoped it would.