My essential question deals with balancing the role of the library as seen in a traditional since with using technology.  As I think about this question more, I’ve been honing it a little in my mind.  The library is not the old stereotype some people have of a graveyard quiet place with bitter people angry that you would even dare to ask a question.

Where does that stereotype even come from?????  That is so NOT what I have ever thought a library to be.  Even at my youngest age, I remember my school library at Gracemor Primary (K-2) being a bright colorful place with tons of light and displays and although I can’t remember the names of my librarians or even what they looked like, I remember being so overjoyed to go there.  We had stories and did crafts and activities.  And when I went to Kindergarten, it was waaaaaaaayyyyy before “maker spaces.”

Now, not to say that a high school or college or public library has to mimic a primary school library – but actually, why not?  I don’t mean story time – but why can’t it mimic the dynamic nature in order to stay relevant? 

Here is a link to an article that addresses this.  I don’t think that libraries are in danger of dying out or going away.  They just aren’t.  Too many people rely on them for access.  Yes, a lot of  people have their own computers, wifi and mobile devices, but not everyone.

I have access to all of those – but I still rely on a library, for many reasons.  The atmosphere, the immediate access, the knowledge of the librarians, etc.