As with learning about any new subject, my mind is filled with swirling bits of information that are exciting and overwhelming. The knowledge about infographics is no different. I wanted to look at examples and felt immediately overpowered by the mass of information. So, obviously, I needed to choose a subject to narrow down, so I could really SEE the information. I will have enough time to look at dry statistics for the rest of my life – why not find something entertaining – at least to me – to just see if an infographic can convey the proper inforamation?

So, I just typed in “infographics on tea drinking.” I do so love my cuppas. WOW! Even with something as “specific” as this, there are literally hundreds of images that came up. This first graphic I picked to look at primarily because it looked pleasing. The colors are pleasant and it has easily understandable information. I chose the image because it is visually pleasing and while it contains no statistics, it does give colloquial information about the theme “Health benefits.” Although the information is interesting, I would have liked to see some numbers associated with it.

Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

by HealthCentral.
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Here is another infographic that isn’t nearly as pretty as the first, but the I think the information seems more backed up by numbers. So depending on the situation, either one could be useful. Besides health information, it also contains data about tea consumption and that information can put perspective on teh subject.