Prezi!!!  I first saw a Prezi several years ago used during a senior project presentation.  I was intrigued by how fluid the movements were – but was also a little disconcerted by HOW MUCH movement there was.  I think that this might be  a rookie mistake by new users to overly rely on all the bells and whistles that Prezi might offer.  

Prezi is an Hungarian company that was started in 2008, offering cloud based presentation tools.  It is similar Powerpoint but offers ready made templates that allows you to drag and drop photos, images, videos and a multitude of other things onto it.  It seems to be fairly simple – although I will have to say that while trying to make one, I kept getting caught up in HOW MUCH stuff I could do with it, kind of making it overwhelming.  I think the ease of the program and practice will actually make it less daunting as time goes on.

This is a relatively new tutorial (2013) 

I spent about an hour playing with it – while I was watching a lot of tutorials.  I created a very, very rudimentary Prezi.

You can add video and sound as well, but I decided that one hour was enough for now.  But it was a lot of fun.