This can encompass so many things. Are we referring to someone who is professional lecturer? A teacher that can make a difference with their students? Perhaps a parent that can effectively communicate with their children?

An effective speaker, in my mind, can paint a picture with words. A really good business meeting can have an effective keynote speaker, of course. They convey an idea that is important and the audience is fully engaged and understands completely. It doesn’t necessarily have to be poetic or dramatic all the time, but I happen to very involved in theatre. I seem to live, eat and breathe all things dramatic. As such, this is where my mind went. An actor conveys the thoughts of the playwright. Of course not all actors are good. Some make a theatrical experience downright cringeworthy. But when someone who is good and knows WHAT they are saying – it can be a sublime experience. The Hamlet “To be” soliloquy is perhaps one of the best known speeches in history. But it can be overwrought and scene chewing. What is Hamlet saying? Is it an emotional diatribe, big and bombastic? Or is it a heartwrenching thought process a man who is teetering on madness brought about by grief? I chose this particular video clip, because I feel that the actor, David Tennant, does this speech justice by playing it small. It effectively portrays, not a lunatic, which is so often how Hamlet is portrayed. But rather, it is sparse and small and in those small gestures, it conveys the pain and confusion of a man who has perhaps lost grips with reality.